7 in 1 Elastometic (SHEEN)

7 in 1 Future Color is water based Acrylic Elastomeric Coating with increase performance by “PROTECTIVE HYBRID TECHNOLOGY FROM GERMANY”. Technology combined function of repellent of stain both water and oil. 7 in 1 has good performance 7 items as the following outstanding. cover hairline cracks, good waterproofing, anti-carbonation property, excellent wash-ability, anti-fungus & algae, dirt pick up resistance and also efflorescence resistance.

It is ideal for application to both exterior and interior concretes, new and old masonry surfaces, plasters, bricks, asbestos shingled and siding.

  • Self Cleaning” Acrylic Technolog provides your building with long lasting beauty & protection.
  • Excellent cover hairline cracks
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Anti-carbonation property
  • Excellent wash-ability
  • Anti-fungus & algae
  • Dirt pick up resistance
  • Efflorescence resistance

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