Primer and Others

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  • Decorative Paints

    4 Seasons Primer

    Exterior paint with excellent fade resistant, weather and UV resistance and anti fungus

  • Decorative Paints

    Contact Primer

    A special clear solvent type primer for the priming of masonry surface in which the old paint is deteriorated and chalky condition.

  • Decorative Paints

    ExtraWet Primer

    Supreme damp proof priming innovation with breathable film. Formulated wiith strong adhension ability for both deteriorated/chalky old surface or fresh concreat new surface

  • Decorative Paints

    Quick Primer

    environmentally friendly water-based primer with excellent alkali resistance and can be applied after 2 days of plastering

  • Decorative Paints

    TOA 4SS Red Oxide Primer

    4 Seasons Red Oxide Primer is a general purpose, economical primer for metal before topcoat with 4 Seasons Enamel Gloss.

  • Decorative Paints

    TOA 4SS Universal Undercoat White

    It is quick drying, fungus resistant and good leveling with high opacity. It also provides good inter-coat adhesion between the primer and topcoat enamel.