Decorative Paints

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  • Decorative Paints

    4 Seasons Exterior

    The high quality 100% acrylic emulsion a combination of rutile titanium pigment and selected fade resistant colors blended with a mildew inhibitor for mildew control.

  • Decorative Paints

    4 Seasons Interior

    It is ideal for application to interior concretes, new and old masonry surfaces, plasters, bricks, asbestos shingles and siding.

  • Decorative Paints

    4 Seasons Premium High Gloss Enamel

    It is a top quality alkyd gloss finish especially developed to with stand the most severe condition of tropical climate. It is made from non-yellowing long oil alkyd and light fasted pigments.

  • Decorative Paints

    4 Seasons Primer

    Exterior paint with excellent fade resistant, weather and UV resistance and anti fungus

  • Decorative Paints

    7 in 1 Elastometic (SHEEN)

    7 in 1 has good performance 7 items as the following outstanding. cover hairline cracks, good waterproofing, anti-carbonation property, excellent wash-ability, anti-fungus & algae, dirt pick up resistance and also efflorescence resistance.

  • Decorative Paints

    Contact Primer

    A special clear solvent type primer for the priming of masonry surface in which the old paint is deteriorated and chalky condition.