TOA SuperShield

Semi-Gloss - 15 years durability

Product Info: TOA SuperShield (Semi-Gloss)

Supershield, 100% pure acrylic emulsion paint, the exclusive unique Acrylic Technology from Rohm and Hass, USA, is non-mercuric and non-leaded pure acrylic emulsion paints with its 15 years of superior performance and protection.

It is ideal for application to both exterior and interior concretes, new and old masonry surfaces, plasters, bricks, asbestos shingles and siding. It is highly recommended for long lasting protection of building and housing.

  • High quality 100% acrylic watercolor and color film adhesion is excellent.
  • Washable Power: Easy to clean with 3M innovation from USA.
  • Self-cleaning technology : Dirt pick up resistant, anti-milddew & mold, anti- algae and efflorescence.
  • Cool Power: Reflect heat more than 95% and reduces surface temperature up to 12% for saving electricity cost up to 38%.
  • Durable Power: 4 times more durable than regular colors, resistant to sun UV, rain and every weather conditions in the tropics.
  • Green innovation : Non-mercuric and non-leaded safe for resident.



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