TOA NanoShield

Hybrid Nano 10 years durability

Product Info: TOA NanoShield (Sheen)

NanoShield for exterior is the high quality 100% acrylic emulsion. Excellent prevention stain containing water and oil. Significantly feature of nano silicone by PROTECTIVE HYBRID TECHNOLOGY From Germany. It gives performance of wash-ability, UV protection, low dirt pick up on film, anti-fungus and algae resistance, It contains no added lead and mercury.

It is ideal for application to both exterior and interior concretes, new and old masonry surfaces, plasters, bricks, asbestos shingled and siding. Both exterior and interior, It is highly recommended for long lasting protection of building and housing.

  • Nano Waterproof : Protect water stain by not absorbing into the paint film.
  • Nano Self-cleaning : Repellent to water & oil stain. Paint film always look clean and new.
  • Nano Guard : Prevent paint film from peeling. Durability in any harsh weather conditions
  • Nano Shield : Superior UV, mold and fungus resistance.
  • Nano Washable : High washability and scrub resistance.



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