TOA NanoClean Advance

Matt - 7 years warranty

Product Info: TOA NanoClean Advance (Matt)

TOA NanoClean Advance was formulated with Protective Hybrid Technology that combines Nano Fluoro Carbon and Nano Silver Ion. A smooth surface of Fluoro Carbon paint contains stain repellant property plus easy to remove stain function. TOA NanoClean Advance contains Silver Ion (silver Ag+) which protects the paint film from bacteria and no harmful side effect to human. TOA NanoClean Advance provides super hiding with smooth film.

It is ideal for application to interior concretes, new and old masonry surfaces,plasters, bricks,asbestos shingles and siding. It is highly recommended for long lasting protection of building and housing.

  • 7 Years Warranty.
  • Luxury matt finish.
  • Fresh and durable film.
  • Super hiding power, faster film build.
  • Excellent covering on hair-line cracks.
  • Excellent anti-bacteria with Nano Silver.



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