TOA Decor Stone

Natural stone paint color

Product Info: TOA Decor Stone

TOA Decor Stone have mixed with special acrylic resin, high quality natural raw materials and granules used to be painted on the wall turn your plain wall into natural stone decoration. Excellent adhesion to the surface, beautiful as a natural stone with light weight.

TOA DECOR STONE is suitable for application to a wide range of exterior and interior surface including concrete, mortar, asbestos, gypsum and plywood.

TOA Decor Stone has 4 patterns as follows;

  • Decor Look - Creates colorful textured surfaces with colored stone patterns.
  • Decor Granite - Add luxury and grandeur to the building with granite patterns.
  • Decor Sandstone - Luxury beautiful to the building sandstone patterns.
  • Decor Marble - Adds splendor and elegance to marble patterns.



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