TOA Acrylic Wall Putty

Repair small crack

Product Info: TOA Acrylic Wall Putty

TOA ACRYLIC WALL PUTTY is a ready mixed special acrylic used for filling and levelling plaster for concrete surfaces. It is a fast and economical way to correct and level uneven substrate imperfections such as aerated concrete, small crack surfaces etc.

TOA ACRYLIC WALL PUTTY used for thin plastering on concrete wall and ceiling surface to repair small crack and air-bubbles resulting smooth plastered surface and hide the sand ready to be painted or rendered.

  •  Skim coating for concrete wall, column, ceiling, joints, etc.
  •  Superb adhesion and easy to sand.
  •  Able to render as thin as recommended without cracks.
  •  Able to render in multiple layers without peeling off.
  •  Convenient and ready to use without adding any cement admixture
  •  Save paints when painting
  •  Use for interior and exterior
  •  Non-toxic



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